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COVID 19 Version of Community Resource List Updated 3 30 2020

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Seniors text 81010 to @nikiski19

Juniors text 81010 to @nikiski20

Sophomores text 81010 to @nikiski21

Freshmen text 81010 to @nikiski22

Would you like to receive email updates from the Counseling Department?  Contact Nicole Lyke to be added to the email list

What can I talk to my counselor about?

School counselors can help in a variety of areas. You can talk to us about anything. Here are some examples:

1. Personal problems that affect your attitude and performance at school.

2. Academic Concerns including ways to improve your grades, study skills and organization.  Course selection and graduation plans.

3. Social issues such as peer pressure and problems with friends.

4. Goal Setting to start planning and building your future.

5.  College and Career exploration and assessments.

6.  Test results and interpretation.

Counselors also …

  1. Meet with teachers and parents regarding student academic social & emotional needs.
  2. Coordinate school programs
  3. Make referrals to community agencies designed to help students and families with various issues


New to High School?
Freshmen Transition Night 2019

  • Introduction to the Counseling Team
  • Credits & Grades
  • GPA & Graduation Requirements
  • Checking your Graduation Progress on PowerSchool
  • Alaska Performance Scholarship (APS) Link to APS website
  • How to Win Scholarships
  • Ways to get Involved
  • Eligibility Requirements

Keep track of your volunteer hours/community service throughout high school:
volunteer hours log

AP Testing

AP Testing happens in the spring for AP Calculus and AP English.  For more information please contact our AP Testing Coordinator, Holly Boyle at 776-9400.

College Athletics

Follow the links below to register and ensure eligibility to participate in college athletics.






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