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December 7, 2012

The holiday season is almost upon us.   I hope that you all will be with your loved ones and take some time to appreciate each other and our wonderful community that we live in.   I am daily either seeing or hearing about someone else in Nikiski that is reaching out to help a neighbor.  I feel very privileged to be living among such a giving community.

Here is an update on Public Health for you:

There are some changes that will happen due to decreased government funding beginning on January 1.  The official State of Alaska notice says, “Effective January 1, 2013:  Due to further decreases in federal funding to Alaska in 2013, the Alaska Immunization Program must discontinue provision of all state supplied vaccine to fully insured children on January 1, 2013.”

Important points to note:

  • ·       Students who have Denali Kid Care or who are Alaska Native/American Indian will still be able to access state supplied vaccines at Public Health.


  • ·       Students who are underinsured or un-insured can also receive vaccines at Public Health.


  • ·       Anyone who answers “Yes, I have private insurance and my insurance covers immunizations” will be referred on to their personal care provider, and personal providers are ordering their own supplies of vaccines so that they will be able to give vaccines that are not State supplied.


  • ·       If a person answers that they do not know if their immunizations are covered by any insurance, then Public Health CANNOT give the person vaccines.


  • ·       If a person has insurance but the insurance does not cover immunizations, then Public Health CAN provide the vaccines. 


  • ·       IF a person has a HIGH deductible insurance and has not met the deductible, Public Health still CANNOT provide the vaccines.  


  • ·       Public Health does NOT require verification of income.


  • ·       Public Health does NOT require verification of insurance benefits.  If a person states that their insurance does NOT cover immunizations, then Public Health can provide vaccines.


Until these changes take place, parents with insurance can still use Public Health for immunizations (except PCV13, Rotateq, HPV, MCV4 and Flu).  Please make sure you call first to make an appointment. As of January 1, Public Health CANNOT provide vaccine to anyone who is fully insured.


Call me if you want to know the status of your student’s immunizations.


HAPPY HOLIDAYS from Nurse Glynes

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