Student Fee List for 2017 – 2018

Student Body*    $10                            High School Sports

Activity Card*    $20                           Football                  $150

PE*                       $10                           XC Running           $100

Art (MS)              $10                           Volleyball               $150

Art (HS)               $20                          Cheerleading         $100

Band                     $20                          Wrestling               $150

Choir                     $20                          Basketball              $150

Musical                 $10                           XC Skiing              $100

Digital Photo       $10                           Soccer                    $100

Woods (HS)        $35                           Track                     $100

AV Comm          $15                            Dance                   $100

Welding               $35

CadCam (HS)     $35                                   Middle School Sports

Foods                     $25                              Intramural              $15

Occ Technology   $30(MS)                     Competition            $45

 *Student Body:  Pays for Student ID Cards, MS Planners,
Field Trips, Class Pizza Parties, Special
Class Events, etc.  There is one SB fee per school year.
 *Activity Card:  (Optional) Admits the bearer to any game
other than Region or State Events within
the KPBSD.  IE: Homer, Skyview, SoHi,
KCHS, Seward, Ninilchik, Nikiski, etc.
 *PE:  Helps to pay for PE locks and replacement or repair of supplies  such as balls, pennies, nets, racquets, etc.  The $10 fee covers both semesters of PE. Students taking two PE classes at the same time will be charged two fees.

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