Academic Letters

Students can earn an Academic Letter by  maintaining a 3.5 grade point average, or higher, for two consecutive semesters. The following students were recognized at the Nikiski High School Academic Excellence Award Ceremony on October 8, 2013 for earning an Academic Letter:

Dennis Anderson
Nathan Carstens
Mikaila Colton
Aubrey Coreson
Evangeline Cox
Marguerite Cox
Luke Johnson
Hannah Love
Lauren O’Brien
Javon Pamplin
Brittany Perry
Syhayne Pope
Hallie Riddall
Jeanelee Stock
Autumn Walters
Lorilee Whitcomb
Haley Wik

Max Handley
Dylan Jackson
Tiffany Lopez
Jasmine Monroe
Mira Solmonson

Summer Handley
Tanar Jackson
Kerry Ross

The following students earned a service bar for meeting academic lettering criteria a second time”

Calvin Carpenter
Benjamin Carstens
Marilynn Davis
Garratt Dohse
Jade Elsey
Laura Hufford
Bryce Jensen
Christian Riddall
Katelyn Sexton
Rachel Thompson
Jacob Williams

Cory Carr
Jodi Cook
Jared Wallis

The following Senior Students were recognized for being 3-Time Academic Letter Winner:
Seth Carstens
Alyssa Darch
Michael Hollinger

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