High School Supply List

Nikiski High School recommends the following supplies list for High School students:

  • Pencils
  • Pens
  • Spiral notebooks or 3-ring bingers with paper for each class.
  • Erasers

Ms. Vraniak’s  Algebra class:

  • One 3 subject spiral bound notebook
  • Calculator


  • Small paint brush set


  • Athletic running shoes (no crocs, sandals or skateboarding shoes)
  • PE sweats or shorts (shorts must be long enough to be below your fingertips)
  • T-Shirt (no tank tops, low cut or sleeveless shirts)
  • Lock – locks are available at the school or you can bring your own.

*Students are expected to replenish their supplies throughout the year.

This list is the minimum requirement.  Each teacher may require their own supplies.

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